Convention & Trade Show

2014 Convention Handouts

Below are links to all the handouts from the 64th Annual Convention and Trade Show. If the link is not highlighted, a handout was not received from the speaker.

T102- Yet More Updates to HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules: Avoiding Liability in the Age of Electronic Health Records
T103- CMS F155: Advance Directives
T104- Geriatric Clinical Program: Fall Prevention
T105- QAPI Operationalized: Using the Process to Determine Effectiveness and Compliance with Restorative Nursing Programs
T106- RUG 48 and Medicaid Reimbursement Best Practices
T107- How to Create Partnerships to Reduce Hospital Readmissions
T108- Key Elements for Successful Surveys: Knowing the Survey Process and Preparing Your Staff
T109- Chair Chi: Seated Tai Chi For the Movement of Impaired Populations
T110- Current Trends in the Management of C-Diff and UTIs
T111- What Are Your Employees Up To? Social Media, Criminal Conduct, Computer Use and Cell Phones, Oh My!
T112- Optimization for Effective Quality Assurance
T113- Hospice and Long Term Care: What's the Latest?
T114- Objectives for Nursing Documentation Supporting Rehabilitation Services
T115- COPD Patients: They Are Sick, High Acuity and Manageable
T117- How Can I Get This Resident Out of My Facility? Using the ITD Procedure to Your Advantage
T118- Public Aid "Pending" Collections: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
T119- Introduction to Dementia in People with Intellectual Disabilities
T120- The Future's So Bright: The Intersection of Technology and Aging
T121- Using QAPI to Achieve Dining Excellence

W103- NFPA Life Safety Code Edition 2000 2012 Equals Opportunities
W104- Hot Topics and Trends in Assisted Living: Increased Liability for ALFs and SLFs
W105- Movement and Handling: How to Do it Safely
W106- e-MAR in Practice: The Essential Keys to Success
W107- The Intake/Admissions Process Drives Revenue Cycle Management
W108- Experience New Destinations by Bridging the Gap Between Dreams and Reality
W109- Destination Fitness for All: How to Revamp Your Fitness Program
W110-On the Menu
W111- Leadership and The Talent Factor
W112- It's in Your Hands: Reduce The Risk of H1N1 (handout 1)(handout 2)
W113- Beyond Crown Molding: The True Elements of Home
W114- Assisted Living Enforcement in Illinois: An Overview of the Top Ten Issues
W115- Leaving on a Jet Plane Handout 2
W116- Managing the High Expectations of Wound Care
W117- Development of the CAA and Care Plan Part 1: The CAA
W118- Supporting Healthy Sexuality for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
W119- Facebook Schmacebook: Back to Basics Marketing
W120- F364 Food: Are Your Meals Nutritious and Delicious?
W121- A Safely Record you Can Be P.L.E.A.S.E.D With
W123- Operationalize an Effective, Comprehensive Quality Program
W130- 5 Simple Rules to Team Retention
W131- Waterborne Pathogens and Proactive Prevention
W132- Medicare Part D and Medigap Plans: Helping Your Residents Navigate the System
W133- Dementia: The Challenge
W134- Atypical Wounds: Not Everything Is a Pressure Ulcer
W135- Development of the CAA and Care Plan Part 2: The Care Plan
W136- How Do I Position My Facility as the Preferred Provider of Post-Acute Care Services at an ACO?
W138- Managing Millennials When They Don't Want to Be Managed
W139- Think Outside the Plate
W140- Communication: Documentation Is Barely the Beginning
W141- eHDS Users Group

R101- Perfecting Your Pressure Ulcer System
R102- You Say You Want an Intervention...
R103- Stop Chasing Your Own Trail
R104- Supporting the End-of-Life Experience (handout1)(handout 2)
R105- Neurology of Aging Part 1
R106- Top Ten Missed Opportunities in the Skilled Nursing Facility
R107- Honoring Diversity: Normal Is a Setting on a Dryer
R108- What the Clock Tells
R109- LEADERSHIP Is a Choice
R110- Assisted SNF and AL Providers to Connect, Communicate and Advocate While Developing Acute Care Relationships
R111- The Administrator and Director of Nursing: Daring to Be Great Business Partners!
R112- All About ADLs and Restorative Nursing for the CNA
R113- Free of Accident Hazards: Supervision to Prevent Accidents
R114- Preventing Burnout: When Every Day is A BAD Day
R115- Medicaid Managed Care: Where Are We at and Where Are We Going?
R116- Neurology of Aging Part 2
R117- Compliance Update: Are you at Risk?
R118- Psych Meds...Finally Gain an Understanding
R119- The "Roll" of Activities in Providing Quality Services to Individuals with ID/DD
R120- Wound Healing and Nutrition: Food for Thought
R121- You Hold the Key
R122- The Rules of 3: Creating a Great First Impression
R123- Accounting, Budgeting and Financial Basics for Administrators
R124- Neurology of Aging Part 3
R126- Creating Trauma-Informed Environments for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
R127- Lighten Up and Live: Getting and Keeping a Balance
R128- Nutrition at the End of Life: How Long Term Care Employees Can be Educated and Involved
R129- Just Say "No" to Drugs and "Yes" to Successful Behavior Management